Tuesday, July 03, 2007

need fox in japan

wow,a new c oncept today on cnn;we cant get fox because foxes boss murdoch has a new chinese wife and he bought her a new apt.in ny fore $465 million and one in hk for 39 million;please mr. ailes,get fox on in japan;fire mrs althouse who didnt know there are 5,000 us or international companies in japan which would be glad to advertize if approached by a fox ad salesman;meanwhile all we have is cnn whose boss boasted he would kick your a.. which he has.failing ailes and althouse,can fox preempt 3 or 2 hours on fox,24 ,channel 43 in tokyo,which has a few good shows,but repeats and reruns where oreily and hannity and one more could be slipped in,then you could go b ack to fox garbage,please,do this for the fox starved people in japan;i've been in japan 56 years and wait,rev.kenny joseph,pres.R>E>A>P> thanx

Sunday, March 04, 2007

wedding preachers

a big mission told their missionaries not to preach at weddings because of tax problems and immigration officials are tired of wedding preachers Like hitlers pr chief said;tell a lie,make it big,repeat it often and people will come to believe it. That is a blatant lie,bearing false witness,forbidden in the ten commandments.you need no permission since preaching at a wedding is 100% religious mission as stated in the missionary visa. you may need to change your status to do english for money though. any questions??